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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the web!

This journal is semi-flocked. As long as there's no reason for it, all things fandom will stay unlocked.

Feel free to friend me, though I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself so I know who you are and if we share any fandoms :)
You can find me here or on Dreamwidth. I don't have a twitter or tumblr yet but maybe some day.

Bought these yesterday, summer just isn't complete without strawberries.

Eat some potato, drink some shots and don't forget to pluck 7 different types of flowers while silent and put them under your pillow before you go to sleep if you want to dream about the person you're going to marry ;P

What in the world is up with the new layout on FF.net?
Whippersnappers and talks about my lawn aside, what are the userpics going to do besides increasing the time it'll take to load? 

I got a headache after less than 10min and unless there's a way to go back to the old one where there wasn't so much white space surrounding the texts I'm gonna have to go somewhere else when I'm in need of fic. *eyes AO3 and laments that they don't have more traffic*
 So I've dropped out of [community profile] podficbigbang .  First I had everything on hold while working on Lacquer, and then I had a surprise visit from a cousin (surprise meaning 'well I'll just work my butt off and finish this before he comes, when is he coming again? TOMORROW?!') and everything got put on hold for him, since I don't get to meet him that often what with him being from Colombia and all. I still tried to squeeze in as much time for Lacquer as possible but now the deadline is less than three hours away and there's no way I'm going to be able to finish it :/

Oh, well. Even though I'm a bit disappointed it's not like all of that hard work was wasted, it just means I'll have more time to make that podfic something that I can be proud off! *gives self a pep-talk* 
I just had a conversation with my cousin who's visiting, and he complimented me because he was impressed with how much I seem to read.

I was so embarrassed and the only thing I could think of was how much of what I read is porn (thankfully there's some really well written porn out there or I'd never be able to look him in the eye again *breathes sigh of relief*).
Even though I've not posted since forever, I've been around and poking around from time to time.

Am dropping a line because Sweden won this year's Eurovision Song Contest (!)

It is the fifth time for us, which puts us right behind Ireland in the statistics of which country has won the competition the most times together with the UK, Luxembourg and France (Ireland has won a hole 7 times)

The winning song is called 'Euphoria' and is by the artist Loreen

I've had this song on my ipod since the first time I heard it but with the airtime it's going to get I might be sick of it by the time summer is over :P

Congrats Loreen   
No good deed goes unpunished?

I've been having problems with my sleeping schedule again and have been up all hours of the day. Today I thought that I'd make some scones and why not make enough so that my mom can have some when she wakes up? fresh scones for breakfast is awesome!
But while I was mixing the dough and waiting for the oven to heat up I felt this strange smell. I thought it was weird and almost opened the oven to check inside to see if there was anything inside that could be the cause before I remembered that I had checked it before turning it on and concluded that it would pass, because sometimes ovens smell of the thing you last warmed in it right?

Less than two minutes later there was this bright ball of light in it and an explosion that sounded a bit like fffzzztPOP! before lots of smoke started out of the oven hatch. I didn't even have enough time to get afraid.
After watching the smoke for a few heartbeats I tuned on the fan and went to wake mom. I thought 'if my daughter blew up the oven at three o'clock in the morning I'd like to know about it' but it felt awful giving her one of the worst if not the worst wake-up call I've ever given her, I mean the whole flat still smells like the smoke at a Walpurgis fire :/

We think there was some fat or oil that had fallen down to the oven floor that caught fire (I almost can't believe it, the oven was on for less than 10 min and it's never happened before but really, excuses don't stand a chance against WHOAABALLOFFIRE!!! and 'thank god I didn't open the oven hatch at the wrong time or my whole face and neck could have burns by now')

Question: do you think the oven is safe to use again or should we call the person responsible for our apartments and tell him we need a new one?

This is so far out of my area of expertise I don't even have a map for it.
I haven't been around much the last two-three weeks, I'm not going to be around until after this weekend.

My favorite aunts mom is dead and I've been in a funk ever since. We're going to go with her and pick out flowers today, the funeral's tomorrow.

Her name was Lizzie. Her parents wanted to name her Jessie but the one who wrote the papers for her baptism wrote the wrong name and they never got around to changing it.

She couldn't remember things that had happened 10 min earlier but she was always nice to me. She taught me her famous 'Lizzie-buns' recipe and was always happy.
At the end she was a bit like a goldfish that way. We were the only ones who'd remember if she'd been sad or angry, Lizzie only remembered things from her childhood.

I don't know what else to say, I hope you are all well and I'll talk to you next week

*sends lots of hugs*
ACTA, SOPA, PIPA and LJ. All the stuff that's happening right now is making me feel really helpless and pushed into a corner. I do not want a complete stranger to be able to censor the thoughts that I write in my own home, that they shouldn't have access to in the first place. anti ACTA petition

Read more...Collapse )

Even though I won't be leaving, *smishes flist* I've had my fill of bs for this week thank you very much
see my icon? I am officially a participant! ok, I singed up in December but now I know what I'm going to record.

You know how you have a list of your fav fics of all time? Well, one of the fics on my list is a D.Gray-Man AU called 'Lacquer' (FFnet and LJ but only ch 5 and up on LJ unless you want to search for it) by animegoil.
I asked her and she gave me permission to record it! *flails*

I'm gonna start recording next week when my new microphone gets here ^^

Still, it's intimidating to do such a large project by yourself.
I'm thinking about searching for a beta-listener, but the ones who have already singed up at [community profile] podficbigbang/podficbigbang don't have a single anime and certainly not DGM listed as one of their fandoms so idk :/

Is it important that your beta knows the fandom when it's an AU? or should you ask someone who knows the characters but might not have any experience with audiofics?

I'll have to think about this a bit